TGE, short for The Global Experience has always been more than a job. I have been working with TGE (formerly Solar Net International) since its inception in 2005 and am now working as its CEO since 2009. Over the years we have grown from a small local school group to a globally recognized youth media network, connecting thousands of young people from across the globe through both online media and unique offline experiences.
Next to organizing international youth camps, internship programs and youth exchange projects we produce media that help people of different cultures to learn about another and connect. The Digital Participation Camp, an annual conference for young digital change makers and our language video channel Easy Languages with todays 80.000 subscribers have been among the most successful projects developing from our local and global youth media work.

Check out more of our work:

International youth camps
WDR local tv reports about our 2014 Digital Participation Camp in Münster and Momals wonderful project The Freedom Traveller:

Internship programs
Menna reports from her internship with us at our office in Germany in 2013:

Exchange programs
One of my personal favorite videos from our annual Namibian-German school exchange programs:

In 2011 we have been awarded with the World Summit Youth Award!