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Carina Schmid

Hello and welcome to my website. I am Carina, 33 years old, born in Münster, now living in Berlin, Germany.
I do many things, but most of all I try to do things that I enjoy and that have a positive impact on me and others.


I was born and raised in Münster, a small town in Western Germany. I first started using a camera and microphone at the age of 15 when I started to host my own TV show on a local public access channel.
Later, I was afraid of not making a living from doing videos, so I focussed on something else, which has turned out to be good and bad in equal measure. Bad because back then I didn’t have the courage to follow what I had been really passionate about, and good because it opened up even more beautiful opportunities for learning and growing.

At the age of 19 I travelled outside of Europe for the first time; something I now look back on as a life-changing opportunity. Coming back from Namibia (Southern Africa) with a different understanding of myself and of the world around me, I followed a group of people who wanted to create new opportunities in youth education and intercultural learning. In 2005, we founded Solar Net, today known as The Global Experience, an international youth media network to create opportunities for intercultural learning both online and offline. I have been managing The Global Experience since 2009, which has had a huge impact on my professional and personal development. Over the years, my own life has become a true global experience itself, with friends from all over the world, lots of travels and a great international office – first in Münster, now in Berlin.
Next to The Global Experience I dedicate most of my time to Easy German, a YouTube channel and language learning project, figuring out new ways to teach German and other languages in an authentic and fun way.


Finished high school in Münster with the age of eighteen. Wanted to become a journalist, started to work for a local newspaper but then dropped it after two years. I have studied medieval history, new history and regional science for 5 years, finished with a Magister Artium and 100 pages of paper on the 1st crusade. I don’t know if anyone ever read that.
I have worked as a project assistant for over 3 years at Euregio, which has tought me a good basis of project management skills. I have travelled whenever I had money to spend and stopped when I was broke again, which has tought me more about life than any school. I have started a Master in International Migration and Intercultural Relations, which has given me a whole broad spectrum of perspectives on my work. And I have been self-educating myself on a whole bunch of stuff, including project conception, grant writing, financial administration and video production. More than that I have only learned through wonderful people who have been crossing my way, who have become friends, partners, co-learners and mentors.
It took me a while to figure out that not following a career path, but my curiosity is a fortune. I consider myself as a permanent learner. And I am happy for every experience, good or bad, to help me grow a better understanding of the world and myself.

In May 2014 I had the honour to speak about my personal learning experiences and the way I try help others learning about the world at TEDxDonauinsel in Vienna.

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21.04.1984 in Münster

2013 – present  Host and producer @Easy German
2013 – present    Co-Founder and CEO @Easy Languages
2009 – present    CEO and program manager @The Global Experience
2013 – present    Freelance videographer
2012 – 2015         Project manager @easyGo-easyCome
2008 – 2012         Managing partner @YouNet Media GmbH
2005 – 2008         Project assistant @EUREGIO
2003 – 2005         Freelance journalist @Münstersche Zeitung

2010 – 2013    International Migration and Intercultural Relations @Universität Osnabrück
2003 – 2009    Medieval + Modern History and Regional Science @Universität Münster
1994 – 2003    Schillergymnasium Münster

2016 – present     Board Member @PART OF
2012 – present     Licencee and Curator @TEDxMünster
2013 – present     Board Member and Ambassador@World Summit Youth Award

2014      Citizens Award of Münster in Bronze @Bürgerpreis Münster
2013      Special Award „Global Learning“ @NRW denkt nachhaltig
2013      Winner “Education for All”@ European Youth Award
2012      Runner-Up @World Summit Youth Award
2011      Winner “Connecting Cultures” @World Summit Youth Award
2009      Citizens Award of Münster in Silver @Bürgerpreis Münster
2008      Dieter-Baacke-Preis for media pedagogical work
2006      North-South Award of the City of Münster on development














Easy German

I produce and frequently host the show Easy German on YouTube that helps German learners all over the world to access authentic and fun language learning material. The show has so far received over 50 million video views on YouTube.

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Easy Languages

Easy Languages is a global video project helping people to learn languages through authentic street interviews. We work with video producers from all over the world to feature real language situations and expose our cultures beyond stereotypical images. Our Youtube Channel has so far reached out to over 70 Million viewers so far with currently over 350.000 subscribers.

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Started as a four-day conference in California 25 years ago, TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together for a TED-like experience. Together with a fantastic Team we organize TEDxMünster since 2012.

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Happy Namibia

In February 2014 we shot the Namibia Edition of Pharrell Williams Happy

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Digital Participation Camp & Summit

Conferences are boring with just old white men on stage talking about decisions in the making? Not with us! We have created our own conference bringing together young digital activists from all over the world to actually work together and create new digital projects with a social impact.

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easyGo Namibia: Internship at A.Shipena Secondary School

In February 2014 I accompagnied participants of the easyGo-easyCome program during their internship at A.Shipena Secondary School in Windhoek, Namibia and documented their stay with this video.

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easyGo Tansania: family life

In March 2014 I accompanied participants of the easyGo-easyCome program during their life abroad in Tanzania and Namibia.

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easyGo Tansania – Praktikum in Kibaha

In February and March 2014 Ohayla spend several weeks in Kibaha, Tanzania, for a combined internship at Galagaza Primary School and Buloma Foundation Center Orphanage. During her stay I accompanied Ohayla for a day to find out what life in Kibaha looks like.

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Konkreter Friedensdienst NRW: Projektbeispiel Hotelfach

Earlier in 2014 we produced a series for Engagement Global’s program “Konkreter Friedensdienst” that supports young people from North Rhine-Westphalia doing projects and exchange programs in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. This part just came out lately and portrays the exchange of young hotel and cook trainees between Germany and Namibia.

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easyGo Tansania: Praktikum an der Sanya Juu Primary School

The 4th and most intense part of a video documentary I shot with easyGo-easyCome participants in Tanzania in March 2014. This part portrays the stay of Lynn, Lisa and Svenja at Sanya Juu Primary School

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easyGo-easyCome – Schulpraktikum im Münsterland

The latest part of our easyGo-easyCome video series: In May 2014 Yacouba, Aguia (Burkina Faso), Titus, Lydia, Sellah (Kenia), Anna and Magdalena (Namibia) conducted their teaching practice internship in different schools in and around Münster, Germany. During their stay we visited them with the camera to find out more about their experiences.

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Global Changemates Fellowship Teaser

Image video for the Global Changemates Fellowship program by Partnership with Africa Foundation. Shot in Berlin in November 2015.

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If money was no object

One of my favorite questions ever. We did this video with students from Friedensschule Münster on an exchange in York, England.

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